New Testament In 28

Read through the New Testament with us in 28 weeks.

video series

Bible Crosswords

Choose a crossword puzzle to download and print.

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Bible Word Searches

Word Search fun on a downloadable document!

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The Lord Reveals

Learn about God and how he interacts with people.

We want to challenge you to find God our heavenly father and salvation through his son Jesus Christ by your personal study of the Bible.

Bible Puzzles

Newest Challenges

Bible Teaching

YouTube Channel

Enjoy a simple overview as we go book by book through the New Testament.

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Crossword Puzzle

Several to choose from!

Download and print crossword puzzles from the Bible. The Scriptures passages will be given for you to read on most crosswords. See if you can remember what you learn!

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Word Searches

Printable PDFs!

Become familiar with people, places and things in the Bible, as you search for the words in our Word Search challenges! Just print them off and go!

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